What is the "begin" operator and how to use it?




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    Lucas de Castro Jorge Silva

    Can you show some examples? I do understand how to use the "begin" operator, but in which cases is better use it instead of the INTITLE?

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    Yann Guilain

    Hello Lucas,

    The choice to use begin or intitle depends on the type of the information you are looking for. 

    Imagine you are looking for information on superheroes.

    INTITLE :Batman = the article focuses on Batman
    begin :Batman = the article cites Batman which is quiet important for what is going to be said
    NOT Batman: the article does not focus on Batman

    So, I can combine these to find information that is about Batman, but also mentions The Joker.  INTITLE :Batman AND begin :"The Joker"

    If I don't want to read about The Riddler I can use this INTITLE :Batman AND begin :"The Joker" NOT "The Riddler"

    The way that you use these operators and the way you combine them really depends on what you're looking for.

    I hope that helps.



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    Administrateur Evolution

    Where may I find support for "automatic categorization" referred in that help note?

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    Yann Guilain

    Hello Chris,

    You can find more details on automatic categorization by following this link.

    Hope that helps.


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    Xavier ROUSSEL


    il est expliqué que si l'on veut trouver les mots clés dans le titre ET dans le début d'une alerte "you will need to enter this type of syntax: (intitle:keyword) AND (begin:keyword)."

    J'en déduis que si l'on veut trouver les mots-clés dans le titre OU dans le début d'une alerte "you will need to enter this type of syntax: (intitle:keyword) OR (begin:keyword).

    J'en déduis que cela fonctionne parce que je suis plus intéressé par les remontées d'alertes "filtrées" avec l'opérateur OR plutôt qu'avec l'opérateur ET pour ces commandes INTITLE et BEGIN.

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