* and ? in queries




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    Lucas de Castro Jorge Silva

    That will reduce the size of my queries a lot.

    Is there a way to use it on DCF?

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    Yann Guilain

    Hello Lucas,

    At the moment ? and * cannot be used directly in the DCF.

    But, there is a crafty way around this.

    Start with a simple search in the DCF.  You'll get a page of results.  You can then click on "monitor this search" at the top.

    This will take you to your list of agents and you can choose which agent you would like to add this flux to.  At the bottom of the list you will see:

    If you would like to apply the query from the agent keep the box checked. 

    And this is the crafy part: the query in the agent can include ? and *.

    Hope this helps.


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    Lucas de Castro Jorge Silva

    Thanks Cate, that sure helps.

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